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Updated: Jan 15, 2022

Received from Amazon a box of copies of Mirrenwood. Seems like an appropriate way to kick off this blog. (This was last Friday, January 7, near the end of the day.) A special feeling, a mix of pride and nerves and anticipation. Probably a unique feeling--you only get one debut, after all. Very strange to finally have this wonderful thing, this bound stack of sheets, after so many years of not having anything tangible to show for hours spent sitting in front of a computer, or jotting notes longhand (which I also like to do).

I received 30 copies, and have given out most of those to friends and family. While it's a big achievement, having this published book in hand, it's not the end goal. There is no end goal, really--other than to keep writing books, to keep improving my craft, and to keep getting more boxes like this one.

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